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Vaping Style: Mouth To Lung (MTL)

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WHAT IS VAPING MTL? It may sound like such a simple question, but it’s something that is always asked. There is a difference between Vaping, and MTL Vaping is the closest to cigarette smoking but with a little difference. Basic steps for vaping mouth to lung. Take a smooth draw of vapor into the mouth, […]

8 Tips for Vaping Batteries Safety and Care

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8 Tips for Vaping Batteries Safety and Care To maximize your vape battery life, you have to ask some questions?  1- Vape battery overcharge?  2- The best charger to use?  3- What is the safest way to work with vape batteries and vape devices?  W will try to answer these questions and hope Bawadi Vape […]


Since vaping is widespread these days, vapers must use their favorite vape device and e-juice in a way that’s considerate to others. One of the benefits of vaping is that when you use it in public, it’s less intrusive. The smell is often pleasant, especially if you are using something from our Bawadi Vape selection, […]